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Introducing Xbox SmartGlass

Introducing Xbox SmartGlass

Microsoft has just updated their Xbox Live iOS app and introduced a new concept for Xbox, it is called SmartGlass. Smartglass gives you new ways to interact with your Xbox. If you are at the dashboard the app will give you a control so you can move around the Xbox by swiping and tapping with a finger. It recognizes when you start a game or TV show and instantly gives you more information. You can also “tap, pinch, and swipe your way” around the web from your iDevice.

See for yourself:

Here are some of the features included at


  • Your device is your remote control

    Use your tablet, PC, or phone to control the movies, TV shows, music, Internet, and games you experience on your Xbox 360 console.

  • Get around quickly

    Quickly jump to recent console activities with the simple tap of your finger.

  • Move your media

    Effortlessly move your purchased movies and TV shows between your tablet or PC and your Xbox 360.

  • Gesture navigation

    Use your tablet, PC, or phone to navigate your Xbox LIVE with simple swipe and tap gestures.

  • Explore the web

    Lose the keyboard and mouse and explore the Web on your TV using your device to easily navigate.

  • Immersive companion

    Use your device to enhance your entertainment experiences with rich, immersive extensions of your media or games.