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Week 3 Featured App: Prezi

Week 3 Featured App: Prezi

On November 14 Prezi Inc. introduced Prezi for the iPhone and iPad to the app store. Here are the features and benefits this free app gives users:

Prezi for iPhone

Access your prezis from your pocket

View and present prezis from your phone

Use your iPhone or iPod to view and show prezis on the go, wherever you are. Touchscreen technology makes zooming simple, and it’s free with all Prezi licenses.

Mobility, online or off

Open recent prezis when offline, or access your saved prezis and explore others’ prezis from the cloud.

or view features for iPhone here

Prezi for iPad

Your prezis are just a fingertip away.

Create and present prezis from your iPad

Create, edit, present, and share your prezis anywhere with simple, intuitive multi touch gestures. Prezi is perfect for the iPad’s touchscreen, and is free with all Prezi licenses.

Access your prezis anywhere…

With Prezi for iPad, your prezis automatically sync with your iPad. You’ll always find the latest version of your prezi, even if you modified it on your computer.

…Online or off

Whether you’ve created prezis on or synced them to your iPad, you can access them anywhere–on the plane, in the desert, or any off-the-grid locale.

Prezi is ideal for the iPad’s touchscreen

Prezi for iPad’s streamlined interface is perfect for presenting on the go. Just tap anywhere to navigate through your prezi. And, since presentations are often not linear, freely pan and zoom around wherever the conversation goes.

or view features for iPad here