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Week 7 Featured App: Daily

Week 7 Featured App: Daily

*UPDATE*A character limit for task names (of 10) is intentionally set in order to minimize clutter. No need for long names; be minimal!

Daily is a minimal app that will help you form habits. “daily” is focused on being fast, focused, and simple. It will track the habits you do daily, count the consecutive days you perform each habit, and remind you to do them. If you miss a day, it will reset the daily counter for that habit.

This app was created by Basheer Subei. Send an email or visit the Daily app webpage


How to use:

– Add the tasks you want to do daily

– Everyday, tap on the tasks you performed

– If you miss a task for a day, its counter will reset to 0 at midnight

– Make sure the counter doesn’t reset for any task!

– You can set a daily notification to remind you to log the day’s progress. Make sure you do it before midnight!

– You can delete tasks by swiping the task name to the right or left.

– Task name char limit is removed. The limit is now 2 lines of text.
– Swipe-to-delete works in both swipe directions now.


  • Basheer Subei

    hi! Thanks for featuring my app! 😀

    Just wanted to say that I released an update and increased the task name limit to two lines.

    Feel free to send me an email with suggestions and stuff! Thanks again! 😀

    • Tech Life Blog

      No problem. We added in the updates. We like your app!

      • Basheer Subei

        Thanks! Don’t forget to rate it in the app store! I need people to give it ratings (the app doesn’t bother the user about rating it; that’s my job :P)

        • Tech Life Blog

          Will do! Mention us in the App Description if possible