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Week 36 Featured App: Flashback


Flashback ($0.99) is a beautifully designed sci-fi style calendar, with an unique retro look. The developer of Flashback intended for uses to feel like they are having an experience similar to that of a SCi-Fi film scene.

The app features blue ‘Matrix’ numbers streaming vertically in the foreground making the calendars interesting to browse.

The app’s interface is truly different and can be a bit confusing at first. Adding an event to your calendar requires turning a dial that sets the time of the event. Adding an all-day event requires dragging a finger from the top of the screen, and can sometimes accidentally trigger iOS 7′s notification center.

How to create a time specified event

How to create an all day event


  • Complete and beautiful design
  • Unique in it’s class (calendar apps)
  • Fresh alternative to stock calendar app
  • App website contains useful tutorial


  • Price high for calendar app ($2.99)
  • In-app tutorial should be accessible more than once
  • Difficult interface to learn
  • More system customization/settings needed

Last Words….

While it may be one of the more complicated apps in terms of interface. Flashback does offer the essentials of a decent calendar app for most users. Overall, for those who aren’t getting what they want out of the iOS 7 stock calendar app, or those interested in a more futuristic feel while planing and scheduling events, Flashback is an ideal alternative for those who are willing to shell out $3.

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