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Week 31 Featured App: Timers [Promo Codes]


Timers ($1.99) is a delightfully simple iPhone timer app. Jean-Pierre Gensert and Esan London teamed up to carefully design Timers specifically for iOS 7 making sure to add a heavy dose of simplicity.

“Apple’s Timer inside the Clock app is great but for me, time is always something that flows horizontal in a continuous stream. Being able to manipulate and swipe horizontally to set my time, even to the seconds, is fun and simple. Multiple timers are essential if you’re like me: heating a Blueberry Scone in the oven for breakfast and timing my Breakfast Blend simultaneously.”

– Jean-Pierre Gensert, Designer

Timers allows users to activate an endless amount of timers, so you can stay on top of everything. The functionality is basic, tap the timeline to start or pause a timer, double tap to restart. Users can also easily add a label to each timer so when the time is up, a notification indicated the specific timers name.

In the beginning it was just a silly idea but it quickly became something that we enjoyed working on, from how it should work to the smallest detail. We’re only at the beginning of what Timers will become. We’re working on some exciting updates which will hopefully be shipped before years end.

– Jean-Pierre Gensert, Designer






  • Stupidly simple with sleek design
  • Labeled timers, for notifications
  • Unlimited timers
  • Precise timer setting


  • Pricey $1.99 for a timer app
  • No settings or menus available
  • 24-hour limit
  • iOS 7 only may be problem for “non-updaters”

Last Words….

Timers is a great productivity app for anyone looking for an alternate to the Apple stock clock app. It does allow for unlimited timers and also takes a new approach on functionality and design. The price does seem a bit high but if you are able to grab a promo code (below) you can secure a sweet new timers app.

Promo Codes

The developer of Timers gave us a few promo codes for our readers. Redeem a code to snag a free copy of Timers for iPhone by Jean-Pierre Gensert. The codes terminate after one use.


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