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Week 29 Featured App: Juggle: Pocket Machine [Promo Codes]

Juggle: Pocket Machine ($0.99) is a seamlessly designed and developed combination of Pinball and Arkanoid packed in with a fast-paced retro feel.

The object of the game is to keep colorful disks in play by bouncing them off your laser bumper. An assortment of size and colored disks are constantly being added in during gameplay, bonus points are rewarded for multiple disk performances. Once all of the disks fall off of the screen, the game is over. Juggle includes three unique game modes:

  • 3 Minute Game – a race against time to rack up as many points as possible in 3 minutes
  • Arcade Mode – a Pinball inspired game type with bumpers, targets, and point bonuses similar to traditional Pinball
  • Zen Mode – original style game play; no extras or add-ons

A game very similar to this was played by U.S. pilots during the Cold War, to develop their concentration skills. It’s a challenging but fun gameplay designed to develop techniques to determine and judge the behavior of targets and capture them.


  • Sleek retro design and look
  • 3 different game modes
  • Unique twist on common “Brick Braker-esque” game
  • Fast paced gameplay
  • Competitive Game Center integration
  • Ad and pop-up free


  • Paddle can be difficult to maneuver or often seem a tad laggy
  • Limited customization with controls
  • Similar to other Brick Breaker inspired apps (some that are free)
  • No pause button within gameplay

Last Words….

Overall, Juggle: Pocket Machine is a well designed game. The retro feel and eye popping appearance gives it a finished, complete look. With three game types, Juggle can be playable for hours without boring repetition. In future updates, sliding paddle controls can be improved and/or optimized for smoother gameplay.

Promo Codes

The creator of Juggle hooked us up with 4 promo codes for our readers. Snag a free copy of Juggle: Pocket Machine by using a code below. The codes terminate after one use.


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