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Week 22 Featured App: Chopper Mike

Week 22 Featured App: Chopper Mike

Chopper Mike ($1.99) is a challenging and fast-paced helicopter arcade game by VAMflax, a one man development company based in England. The game redefines ‘multi-platform’ as it is optimized for iOS Android, PC, Mac, Ouya and Steam (coming soon). Featuring smooth graphics and super-responsive controls, Chopper Mike is full of adventure. The game includes 3 difficulty modes with 48 unique and elaborate levels that can be completed, then replayed to record the fastest time.

Chopper Mike started as a prototype/experiment to make a super-responsive arcade game using just one touch on a device (originally called HeliQoob). Later, the cube had turned into a chopper and Chopper Mike was born.

Chopper Mike is truly a home grown game, the chopper sound effects were made by hand. Literally. And the switch sound effects are a recording of a GameCube power button.

View the trailer below for a preview of the gameplay.


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