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Week 21 Featured App: Weatherport

Week 21 Featured App: Weatherport

Weatherport (free) is a sleek and simple weather forecasting app. It’s minimal design allows the user to focus on the weather by reducing the amount of text shown on the screen. Weatherport was published to the App Store just last week by Turkish dev team, Mobil Atölye. The team wanted to create a weather app that showed the current weather conditions with nice and relevant photos from nature.

Weatherport is equipped with an easy to use interface, with 3 panning pages that can easily be reached with a flick of a finger. The main page shows the current temperature, wind speed, and chance of rain. A flick down will display the temperature and a weather graphic for the next 7 days. Swiping up allows the user to chose between up to 4 different locations and/or adjusting settings.

The most unique feature Weatherport includes is the daily weather notification setting. This allows for custom timed alerts with the weather conditions for the device’s current location.







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