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Week 15 Featured App: Filedrop

Week 15 Featured App: Filedrop

Filedrop (free) is a simple productivity app that allows users to quickly send files between devices on the same Wi-Fi network. Filedrop is capable of sharing between any kind of device and between any kind of operating system. Using Filedrop is easy, simply launch Filedrop on two separate devices and then drag and drop files between them.

Filedrop is very well designed and has a clean interface. The speed and productivity gained using this app rivals that of Apple’s Airdrop or a service like Dropbox.

Filedrop can be downloaded on a Mac, Windows, the App Store and soon the Google Play here

If you need to send a file from your Macbook to a Windows laptop, you can do it without extra settings. Simply launch Filedrop on both computers and you can drag and drop files from one computer to another. Mac, Windows and iPhone versions are available for download here.

You can also use your phone like a portable usb drive. Filedrop files to your phone and it will appear in Downloads. When you need it on another computer, just filedrop it from your phone.

The folks over at Filedrop are working hard to create new features and will soon be introducing:

Stream photos from your phone

Pictures can always be seen better on the big screen. You don’t need to connect your phone or mess around with complicated sharing options. Simply select photos you want to show. Tap on the Stream button and your photos will appear on a the target screen.

Play music from your phone

With Filedrop, playing music through a DJ’s computer is easy. Choose songs you want to play, tap Stream button, confirm it on the target device. Thats it! Now you can go control the playlist from your phone.

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