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Week 13 Featured App: Yacopter

Week 13 Featured App: Yacopter

Yacopter is a new retro helicopter game created by Noctua Software Limited, an iOS game and open source software development team. Yacopter is very similar to other touch helicopter games currently on the App Store but adds a fun and exiting game style that is unmatched by the competitors.


The controls are basic, tap and hold the screen to go up and releasing to go down. Fly your helicopter through a retro cave collecting stars of different colors. When you collect eight consecutive stars of the same color you turn invincible for a short period of time.


Game Modes

Yacopter currently has two “worlds” or game modes; Classic and War Zone. Classic is the original helicopter arcade gameplay that takes place in a cave with stars to collect and blocks to dodge. War Zone is an interesting game mode that attaches a single shot gun to your chopper and gives you 7 hearts or lives as you fly your way around incoming bullets, ground artillery or even enemy aircraft.


Suggested Features for Future Updates

The newly published Yacopter is a great game as is, but does have room for improvement.

In future updates Gamecenter integration is a must have, so players can earn challenges and see where they rank on the leader boards. Another thing to add is upgradable helicopters, add a coin or point system that can be used in a store to upgrade your chopper or even unlock new helicopters/aircraft. Finally, the shoot button in the War Zone game mode is not placed in the best spot nor designed properly. Making this more gamer friendly would make the game mode more enjoyable.


Play Yacopter Online

Try the game directly from your web browser! (provided that it supports webgl)

Yacopter - Online Version

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