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Week 12 Featured App: JogIt

Week 12 Featured App: JogIt

JogIt is the next big GPS running tracker that will make running for exercise fun and satisfying. Jogit (Free) was created by software developer Geoff MacDonald. The app has a simple and clean interface and is equipped with seamless gestures as well as powerful performance tracking. We look forward to future updates and added features.


Swipe left to pause or continue tracking a run. Swipe right to go back to menu. Swipe up to reveal larger map with mile markers. View minute-by-minute or mile-by-mile pace on scrolling chart. Mini map shows entire course at once while highlighting selected mile or minute.

Run Tracking:
✓ Auto-pause stops clock when you are resting
✓ Built-in audio cues to let you know your run progress without having to look at your phone
✓ Add manual runs in case you forgot to track a run
✓ Share runs or run history
✓ Organize runs by week or month

Performance Analytics
✓ View performance history by distance, calories, time, pace/speed, cadence, step count, climb, descent, stride length
✓ Predict race finish time based on run history for the curious
✓ PR (Personal record) tracking for serious runners

✓ Set a goal to lose weight, finish a race, finish a race at a certain pace, or log total distance
✓ See how individual runs contribute to your goal

Ghost Run:
✓ Run against yourself from a previously recorded run
✓ Plots previous run on the map simultaneously while displaying previous distance at that time

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