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Week 11 Featured App: HeadshotsAlley

HeadshotsAlley is a simple retro style arcade shooter introduced to the App Store in January of 2013 by game developer team GameWell. As your character proceeds down an alley in pursuit of criminals, the gameplay has a few twists. First, you are forced to proceed with a single flashlight when the whole alley becomes dark with the criminals are pursuing you. Second, the enemy travels across the screen on tanks and trucks shoot them before they get their shot off. Eventually, bystanders start fleeing in your direction testing your trigger finger, it even more difficult to pick-off the criminals because they are right behind the victims.



Shoot with your finger to blow away incoming bad guys. Collect headshots to be the best in this old school shooter. Top Ten leaderboard is waiting for you ! Easy controls allows you to play with one hand and even with one finger. Take a journey into the past enjoying unique 16-bit style graphics and having nothing but pure fun !


  • dynamic and addictive gameplay
  • unique 16-bit style graphics
  • online Top Ten leaderboard
  • very easy controls
  • small app size – roaming friendly

Things to Include in Future Updates

Implementing more guns with some sort of leveling up system or gun unlocking missions is a must have in a future update. Also, you start out the game with three lives. A game like this would be much more polished with a heath bar that reduces when damage is taken. There is no way to gain a heart either so once you lose a life its gone.