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Become Spam Free with Maskr

Become Spam Free with Maskr

A recent study conducted by an IT Security company found that over 70% of all email is spam. This towering number may seem surprising but today, people constantly give out their email to companies who choose to bombard their customers with both solicited and unsolicited emails. How can anyone keep their inbox under control?

The answer? By using a free web service called Maskr.

Maskr uses disposable aliases (simply a forwarding e-mail address) to “mask” your email from companies and spammers thus protecting your email address. You can use the Maskr aliases to sign up for services, events, or programs without worrying about getting unwanted emails. These aliases redirect all emails to the original address you provided so you can easily disable the alias should you start to receive unwanted emails, and create a new one. It’s that easy.

Ken Tan, co- founder of Maskr:

“The motivation to build such a service came from a real experience. I once left my personal email with a hotel overseas and have been receiving promotional emails ever since. I thought, what if I could delete only the bad points of contact?”

“Maskr takes away the hesitation when asked to share one’s personal email address, knowing you can kill the alias anytime.”

A Maskr account gets access to customization features such as renaming of aliases, adding notes, and blocking senders via a manageable blacklist.

Maskr is compatible with all modern browsers and is also available for iOS (free) allowing the creation of aliases on the go. Maskr is scheduled to launch an Android application in September of 2013.

The developers at The Bang Table Company are currently developing version 2.0 allowing users to reply with their masked aliases and more.

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