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How-To: Customize Mac Startup Programs


Your Mac’s startup items are a big factor in how fast your user account loads and operates when booted up. Making sure to tailor your account’s startup items to your wants and needs is a easy way to stay productive and makes your Mac that much more customizable.

Follow the brief 3 step walk-through below to learn how to customize your Mac’s statup items.


Step 1: System Preferences

Open the System Preferences application, where most of your Mac’s settings and options are customized.


Step 2: Users & Groups

Once in System Preferences navigate to the Users & Groups panel that can be found in the fourth row down along with Parental Controls, App Store, Dictation & Speech, Date & Time, etc.


Step 3: Login Items

Once in the Users & Groups panel select the desired user account in the left sidebar. Then, click on the Login Items tab. Now its time to choose the programs you want or don’t want to be activated when you login to the account.

Use the add (+) remove (-) buttons to customize programs or applications on the list. To hide an application when you login, select the checkbox in the Hide column next to the application

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