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iSwipe Brings ‘Android Based’ Swipe Keyboard to iOS 7


Swipe keyboards have been favored by many users over regular touchscreen keyboards ever since early 2010 when developers opened a public beta for a service called Swype. Since then, Swype has been deployed on over 26 million phones in 50+ different countries. Swype is fully compatible (and even comes pre-loaded) with most Android and Windows phones. The company attempted to bring their service to iOS but was unable to do so because of platform restrictions applied on all Apple devices, making keyboard customizations impossible.

Designer and programmer, Andrew Liu decided to port a Swype like application to iOS via Cydia called iSwipe.

iSwipe is a completely free and open sourced project introducing a familiar gesture-based keyboard featuring fast keyboard entry, word predictions, and a customizable dictionary. iSwipe enhances the stock iOS keyboard by enabling gestures where the user enters words by sliding a finger or stylus from the first letter of a word to its last letter, lifting only between words. Simply type by connecting letters. iSwipe also has a ‘smart’ feature implementing a dictionary model to predict the words you type.

To download the official iSwipe Keyboard beta package, sign up for free beta access at:


Below is a short clip showcasing the new iSwipe update running iOS 7.

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  • Anon

    I’ve been waiting for this and holy crap it works! So much better than TouchPal, and of course way way way better than ios default nonsense keyboard… Thank you!

    • Tech Life Blog

      Agreed it is better. Glad to know its working for you!

  • pratik goenka

    how do you add custom words to it.
    i dont see a option to add custom words

  • Stefan P.

    Great work so far, been waitin for this too long :) but is there a posibility for custom dicts? Or to add own words? Thanks a lot!

    • Tech Life Blog

      cc: @pratikgoenka:disqus iSwipe implements a dictionary model to predict the words you type. Custom dicts may be coming in future beta releases.

  • Nick

    This is really buggy…. idk if i liked it :p

    • Tech Life Blog

      True, but it is still in beta as iOS 7 bugs are still being worked out. I’m guessing the official release will be much smoother.

  • Itxb3n

    HELP every time I use it the app crashes please help!

  • Muz

    It crashes every app I use it in, like viber and whats app ? whats wrong with this thing?

  • haduJ

    Just tried to install this and get a message that it is only for IOS 8. Way to go Apple for even letting us see apps we cannot use.