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iPad Omits – Compass

iPad Omits – Compass

This is our first iPad Omits post, a new segment we are introducing that basically helps you find the best apps and features that we think were left out in the features of the iPad…


Simply North is a very clean and crisp compass app (with no ads) made by busybites. Introduced to the app store in August 2012, Simply North is about as close you can get to the sleek apple compass, with its simple design and retina graphics we think that Simply North is the perfect compass omit replacement. It is also available for the iPhone if you want it on all of your devices.

 Features of Simply North from the App Store description:

Before we come up to the app details, let me tell you a little story; 3 months ago, I bought the new iPad with its really awesome retina display.

It’s such a great product but there is still one thing I’m missing.
Where is this lovely little compass which we all know from the iPhone?
I can just tell you, I didn’t find it despite searching for it in the entire App Store!

I just wanted a
– simple user interface
– without many buttons
– no big advertisements and banners
– built with love, like the original Apple compass
– a universal app for both iPad and iPhone
– and last but not least: retina graphics for all devices!