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iOS 7: Where Apple Messed Up

iOS 7: Where Apple Messed Up

At the end of Apple’s WWDC Keynote, Apple released the newly announced iOS 7 in beta form to developers. Here at Tech Life Blog we have been testing and analyzing the beta for the past couple of days. So far, we are very impressed with the overhauled operating system and we like the change. With that said, there are some features and concepts we wish Apple had spent more time/thought on such the new icons and the notification center redesign.


The newly designed UI brought on a “flatter” look and a much needed change to iOS. A few (see below) of the new stock icons that Apple chose for iOS 7 and look rushed and badly designed. Take safari for instance, it looks absolutely horrible and unprofessional. Hopefully in the upcoming iOS 7 betas Apple fixes this design flaw.





Notification Center

Last year with iOS 6 Apple introduced Notification Center widgets such as Tap to Tweet, Tap to Post, Weather Widget, and the Stock Widget. Many devs and users were convinced that Apple would stay with the NC widgets in iOS 7 and allow widgets to be developed and distributed within the App Store. But, Apple had different plans, abandoning these widgets and completely redesigning the Notification Center in iOS 7. Sure Control Center fills some of the no-widget gap but there is no quick tweet/post capabilities or easy access to weather and stocks.

So tell us, are we right about what Apple messed up? What do you think? Comment below.

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