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iOS 7 Tips & Tricks: Tap to Tweet


Last year when Apple released iOS 6, the Notification Center was given a make-over as widgets were introduced. Users could now visit the NC to perform tasks like Tap to Tweet, Tap to Post (Facebook), as well as access weather and stock information.

Many users and developers loved the new feature and were convinced that Apple would stick with Notification Center widgets in iOS 7 and possibly allow widgets to be developed and be distributed from within the App Store.

With iOS 7, Apple seems to have steered clear from widgets and focused on the new Control Center. This is unfortunate because widgets offered a whole new dimension to iOS.

If you are not satisfied with Apple for jumping the “widgets ship” and hate not being able to quickly send your thoughts out to the inter-webs with a touch, here are two free apps just for you.

Your welcome.


Fleet Post

Price: Free

Description: FleetPost allows users to quickly send a Tweet or post to Facebook in iOS 7. Quickly add media such as a photo or Now Playing (Only applies to music downloaded to your iOS device). Only app of the two that also offers Facebook.

*This app is designed for the iPhone


Birdshot – Tap, Type, Tweet

Price: Free

Description: Birdshot replaces the missing Tweet widget users knew and loved in iOS 6. By placing the Birdshot icon on your home screen, you can send tweets just as fast as you used to. BirdShot is the fastest app of the two and is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

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