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iOS 7 Feature: Multitasking

iOS 7 Feature: Multitasking

Earlier today at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Apple announced the new and improved iOS 7. The updated iOS contains a completely new and redesigned UI that includes many innovative and wonderful new features. We will be providing these iOS 7 feature posts that analyze the new features.


Apple completely redesigned the iOS multitasking feature. Hopefully this tasking update is fast and silky or I could see speed and flow being a real problem. Other than the possibility of poor performance, the new multitasking feature looks very clean and elegant. It also fits in very nicely and goes well with the rest of the OS. The upgrade is very similar in look and design to the Android task manager and performs very similarly.

A smarter way to multitask.

Press the Home button twice to see preview screens of the apps you have open. To quit an app, just swipe it up and out of preview.

Intelligently scheduled updates.

iOS schedules updates during power-efficient times. Like when your device is on and connected to Wi-Fi. So your battery isn’t drained unnecessarily.

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