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Increase Home Wi-Fi Network Speed and Performance

Increase Home Wi-Fi Network Speed and Performance

Home WiFi can be a huge problem with poor performance and speed issues. There are many ways to improve your home network, increase your productivity and save time. We have listed a few tips that we highly recommend you follow. Leave a comment if we missed something or drop us a general question.

Get Familiar With Your Routers Configuration Page

All the troubleshooting and tweaking of your router and home network will be mostly done through your routers respective admin configuration page. We explained about the configuration page in our Google DNS post but basically it is a settings/configuration panel for your router. Depending on what company makes your router your IP address to the configuration page should be similar to See your routers admin here.


Picking the right channel might help increase range and performance, especially if you have neighbors on the same channel as you. Use Meraki’s WiFi Stumbler to find the perfect channel for your router. This tool will show you which channels have the highest usage. Ideally you should select the channel with the least number of networks. Or you could troubleshoot with channels to see which one is best.

Upgrade Firmware and General Maintenance

Keeping your router up to date with the latest Firmware is crucial. This is often the cause of many home router issues, to update go to your routers product website and look for a Firmware or downloads section. Also make sure your router is not out of date and if so look into buying a new one to save time and frustration with a slow connection.

Contact You ISP

Contacting your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is a great way to make sure your connection isn’t congested. You can also run speed tests and optimize your networks performance from the ISP website.