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Hide iPhone Apps Like Stocks or Weather (No Jailbreak)

Hide iPhone Apps Like Stocks or Weather (No Jailbreak)

Rag3Hack is a iOS webapp that allows you to hide most of the apps that Apple preloads onto your iPhone. Apps that some people do not use like; Newsstand, Stocks, Passbook, and more of the other Apple made apps that are  on your iPhone. Also since you cannot put Newsstand into a folder it may sometimes get in the way. This is when Rag3Hack comes in handy. 

Rag3hack Website


Hide Apps without Jailbreaking

On this site you can hide unwanted Apple applications like Stocks or Weather if you don’t like or just don’t need them. You can also use this page as a webapp and and home page to desktop as a bookmark 

How to hide Apps

To hide an app, just click on the application on this website and it should popup a message box. Press Install and it will automatically overwrite the application. The installation progress will fail, but thats normal. After that you can delete the app just like every other AppStore application.


If you reboot your device, the icons will re-appear, but you can save this website on your homescreen so you can do that again after rebooting.

This site is made by Ragemasta follow him on twitter at: for questions and comments. Use his site at your own risk.