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6 Comments – get sharing with this real-time file sharing service – get sharing with this real-time file sharing service is an instant, free online storage service that uploads files and stores them on a shortened link. With there is no need for special software or browser plug-ins. Once uploaded the files designated link can be easily shared via Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. The user can add a title to the file, upload more files, and even see if the file has been viewed/downloaded by other users.

How does it work and what can you use it for?

With you can turn any type of file into web content and share it instantly. You can share documents, video, music and photos in the browser making them instantly available for the recipient. If you sign up, you can even re-use and keep track of the materials that you previously shared. is 100% web-based and works directly in your browser. No flash required. No applet needed. No installation before you’re ready to go. Just go to your browser and start sharing.

How long will the files I share remain online?

If you have an account then the files remain online for as long as you keep using your account. If there is no activity on your account we may remove it, but will notify you before and give you the opportunity to keep the files. For files uploaded without an account they will be removed after 30 days.

What is the maximum/largest file size?

We do not limit the file size you can upload, but your account may not have enough storage space for the file. If that’s the case you can upgrade your account to get more space. Some browsers may limit you to 2GB per file. If this is a problem, then you can use a newer browser. Chrome is always a good choice.

  • Tommy Edwards

    This looks a lot like but without the unlimited storage.

    • Tech Life Blog

      Thanks! @tommy_edwards:disqus

  • Mike Johnson

    Then whats the difference between Dropbox and this ?
    Rather I get complete guaranty in Dropbox while my files can be accessed from anywhere.
    No better than other file sharing services I should say.

    • Tech Life Blog

      Good point @disqus_mike_johnson:disqus ! However unlike Dropbox or other services, doesn’t require registration to be used.

  • Jennifer Scott

    This is really easy file sharing and quick too. Why bother registration, while you can just upload and share a file just in a few clicks. Nice !

    • Tech Life Blog

      Much agreed @disqus_jennifer_scott:disqus , thanks for the feedback.