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Review: EXOvault EXO16 iPhone 5 Case

Review: EXOvault EXO16 iPhone 5 Case

The EXOvault EXO16 is handsome robust iPhone 5 case. The case covers your iPhone 5 in a strong phenolic resin composite core and Zebra veneer which is capped on the ends with impact resistant Nickel plated Aluminum.

The case’s unique wood body looks very stylish, and the nickel plated aluminum accents look very nice and “high end”. The phenolic resin composite core and the veneer allows EXOvault to use “amazing woods that would not be possible without this structural combination.”

There is no reduction in network signal (this has been a problem with other cases that have metal corners). The nickel plated frame protects the phone well from drops and falls. The case allows for easy access to all ports, buttons, etc. The case feels good in the hand and the split sidewalls make it easy to grip.

The wood two piece case is very easy to assemble and put together. A downside of the two piece case is taking the phone out of it’s case which requires removing 4 small screws.This is not a huge deal, but important for someone who is “in and out” of cases all the time.

You can pick up this EXO16 case for $230 on the EXOvault webpage

About EXOVault

Exovault cases are a low-volume product, machined and finished by hand in Brooklyn. They take the utmost care in crafting each case. As an artist-run company; EXOvault provides the kind of low volume, high-quality product that can appeal to a small and specific part of the population. The founders were irritated by so many high-volume, mass-produced products that lost their individuality and integrity in order to appeal to an increasingly wide and thus inherently bland demographic.

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Overall, this case is great. It looks very stylish and does it's job to perfection. The fact that EXOVault hand makes every single case with quality in the US is an outstanding feat, however this does make the affordability for the average consumer low and costly. The case value is great for someone looking for a distinctive case that gets ohs and ahs from co-workers and friends.