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Analyze Internet Connection Issues with Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics



Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics is a useful app downloadable in Google Chrome Web Store, to quickly and easily diagnose any type of internet connectivity issues. The simple network testing and troubleshooting tool is great for home users and even large companies with many different variables such as firewalls, group policy, and proxies which can be hard to pinpoint.

The tool tests a computer’s network connection for common issues, port blocking, and network latency by establishing connections to network and Internet services via UDP, TCP, HTTP and HTTPS.

When launched, the application performs the following tests to check your network connection:

• Local network connection availability
• Wifi network signal strength
• Default gateway is reachable
• DNS server availability and latency
• DNS cache poisoning/spoofing
• Internet traffic blocks by a HTTP captive portal or firewalls
• Network performance and latency to Google websites
• Google Hangouts service availability


Download Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics in the Chrome Web Store

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