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BioLockdown – Touch ID Tweak


BioLockdown ($1.99) is a new security tweak that utilizes Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint technology incorporated in the iPhone 5s to protect access to apps, settings and Control Center switches. The tweak was released to the BigBoss repo by popular iOS hacker/engineer Ryan Petrich on January 4.

Petrich was not the only developer that wanted to design a tweak exclusively for the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5s. Elias Limneos created BioProtect ($2.99) to add stylish protection to a user’s applications very similarly to BioLockdown. Additionally, well-known security tweak Applocker (free), first introduced in October of 2011 added support for Touch ID recognition to go along with it’s many other features.

Once installed, navigate to settings, then to the BioLockdown pane. There you will see an enable quick toggle along with a button used to create a ‘New Restriction’. Restrictions can be used on apps, settings panes, or setting switches. When a restriction is created, it is displayed along with a description of it’s function.

For best results, be sure to lock access to either the Settings app or the BioLockdown settings pane.

While Tech Life Blog does not condone piracy. We acknowledge its existence within the Jailbreak community, and so we choose to inform our readers of it. BioLockdown is a paid Cydia package, however it is available for free on the Xselize repo. For legal and device safety reasons we suggest you purchase the official license.

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Which Touch ID tweak looks the best so far?

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    Which Touch ID tweak looks the best so far?