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AirDrive – wireless flash drive

AirDrive – wireless flash drive

AirDrive’s nice and stylish design and very user-friendly interface makes this utility app a must have for any iDevice user. AirDrive helps you transfer any type of file between your iDevice and computer easily. It’s fast and works flawlessly. Use your iPhone as a USB disk and transfer files over Wi-Fi with speed and personalization.



★ AirDrive – your personal wireless flash disk. Safely send any file to your device over the air directly through your favorite browser or FTP client! No more wires and painful syncs! With AirDrive you can store and transfer files from one computer to another using your mobile phone, and intuitive interface make it easy and enjoyable occupation.

★ AirDrive also allows to:
– transfer files via FTP;
– interact with the Photos app;
– share files with other devices via bluetooth;
– view and listen to media content;
– open documents;
– import and export files to other applications;
– send files by e-mail;
– rename, copy, move and delete files or folders;
– share files with your computer via iTunes File Sharing;
– unpack ZIP and RAR archives;